Be happy when someone leaves you . Its Okay!

“Life is full of happiness and tears , be strong and have faith ”

Thousand of things happens in just one day … For how many things you become sad or happy.

Somethings  are just ignored right because one cannot have everything at just one time .

So why you are sad just for the one who leaves you maybe he/she have there own reasons .

Why you are sad ,even if it hurts a lot (as you think it hurts ) but still it cannot be more painful then fracture,accident or just a simple cut in your body.🙄 than why you cry just because someone left you .

You will find someone again ,or someone is going to special again for you .

You feel like your world has crashed around you. You feel this hollowness inside. And you feel like you don’t want to continue with life because your heart hurts so much. You feel alone. You feel abandoned. You feel rejected. Your heartbreak is so great you can feel your heart aching physically. You can’t stop crying. You want to scream loudly and cry. It feels unfair. Why did it happen to you? How could he/she love you and then just walk away? Like you mean nothing at all.

 how it feels to be left heartbroken because of someone. It happens to all of us at some time or another. That someone could be someone you are in love with, or could be a close friend or family member. The pain of abandonment and rejection is hard. And you lose all joy from your life.

Now most of you who have been following my work on my Facebook page or here on my blog know this about me —” I truly believe no one else has the key to my happiness. I am responsible for my own happiness.” Yet,it is  said ,when matters of heart are involved, emotions are so strong, that one can’t help but feel devastated. So, first of all, if you are feeling upset with yourself for feeling upset, let yourself off the hook. 🙂 Emotions are emotions. They can overpower you. Forgive yourself for feeling this way. But still you have you in the end , and that is all matters .❤

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