Rise of ‘DimCats’ A Cyber Security Firm, When The Internet Was In Wrong Hands

DimCats is a cyber security venture which came into light when the world really needed one. Govt of India announced for Demonatization and the whole System went down. Most of the Transactions were being made by Online Clients like Paytm, PayuMoney, VISA Cards, E-Wallets etc. Many were using Digital Currency. And then the Mega Exploit began.

As said by Vaibhav Jha, CEO of Dimcats:

After demonetization people were relying over digital currency and thus many cyber crime was reported even i personally had seen many wallets getting empty. One can imagine the condition of a middle class family with no saving and who had transferred all their money to some wallets or bank accounts. It all happen because only because of lack of education of digital safety.

The venture focuses on solving and detecting security issues within any organization. A trusted platform that would not only safe guard your organization but also provides you with the know-hows for a safer IT environment.

They also have a ‘Red Response Team’ which identifies the cause of such Attacks and Counter it so that it can be back to normal again. They are also very good in detecting Potential Threats and keep a Track on them.

Mr. Vaibhav Jha is the CEO of Dimcats. It was started in 16th of July, 2016. Their Team Members are Pooja Sharma, Yugansh Khera, Deepansh Kumar, Rishabh Joshi.

He has a great experience in the field of Cyber Security. He also penned down a book ‘Hack The World Before the World Hacks You’ which is available on almost all Major E-Commerce Sites like Amazon. CLICK HERE to Buy the Book Now.

They also interacted with Mr. Lenn Carter, Founder of Franklin Jefferson University.

With the support of his team, this determined teenager aims to provide free boot camp training sessions to the rural parts of India, so that he could bring a small change in this big world by making India digitally secured.

Wishing you a Successful Journey Ahead. Go ahead and make the World a Safer Place to live.

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