When it rains….

When it rains its feels good,

When it rains It hurts too….

When it rains Some people are happy ,

When it rains some people are sad …..

When it rains …….

Rain always does not mean the water come from  cloud…. But sometimes it is About the pain, tear or any term you want to give…

 When people are not able to talk about their pain directly  they can use so many words to describe their pain… Why to hide that pain which kills you ,its okey if you cannot say it directly .. Use some other word to describe your pain and feel relax…. Yes it is hard for evryone to say his or her pain …. But dear everybody…. We are social animal…. We are here to be together not to be alone if  we born to live alone na then we were not born as a human being .

 So its okey if someone hurts you, betrays you etcccc. But do remind yourself that  you have yo take that pain out and you should live your life happily …. Because after that … When it rains na you will able to smell the soil… Feel the drops… And that rain will make you feel good …. So let the negative rain comes out of your body … And let yourself feel the positive rain 😊.