Build any reports effortlessly
Build Business Intelligence (BI) with Dashalyse
Setup data alerts flawlessly
Concentrate your actions based on alerts
Visualize your data instantly
Live reporting to help in quick decisions

Self-service BI for your team

Self-service BI provides end business users with the ability to analyze data and create visualizations on their own.



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“Dashalyse has helped us move away from having to constantly update clunky Google-based charts, but what most impresses me is the responsiveness and the helpfulness of the people behind Dashalyse. Highly recommend!”
Don Marcelos
Full Stack Developer

Optimized for collaboration and speed

Dashalyse is tailor-made for teamwork. Easily collaborate on dashboards and reports with your team, and share your insights effortlessly with clients or stakeholders.

Scale your client reporting with templates

Replicate dashboards for your clients using templates. You can then further customize the datasets to match each client’s needs.

How it works

Is your data scattered across multiple services? No problem! Gather all your data in one place and start creating datasets ready to be visualized.

Dashalyse datasets are the building blocks of your dashboards. The datasets can even join data from multiple sources and databases. Everyone in the team can then use these datasets to create their own charts.

Create dashboards with multiple visualization types and KPIs. You can track goals, set up alerts, filter data, and much more.

Create client reports with your own branding and share them with your clients. You can even invite your clients to Dashalyse to edit and view their reports and dashboards in real-time.


Get your data from a wide range of sources.

Connect with Dashalyse

With lots of integrations, you can easily build any reports


Reporting infrastructure at a fraction of the cost
Pricing tailored to support your growing business. All plans come with a 14-day free trial


For small businesses that need to keep the team or clients up to date with their metrics
  • 10 Dashboards
  • 10 Users
  • 20 Widgets/ Dashboard
  • Unlimited datasources
  • 6 hours auto refresh data
  • 3 Teams


Perfect for high growth businesses that need to scale their client reporting
  • 100 Dashboards
  • 200 Users
  • 40 Widgets/ Dashboard
  • Unlimited datasources
  • 1 hour auto refresh data
  • 10 Teams
  • Own Branding


Ideal for large agencies in need of frequently updated reports for multiple clients
  • 300 Dashboards
  • Unlimited Users
  • 60 Widgets/ Dashboard
  • Unlimited datasources
  • 10 minutes auto refresh data
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Own Branding

Take your data to next level

Empower your team and clients with dynamic, branded reporting dashboards